Euler problem 10

The sum of the primes below 10 is 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 17.
Find the sum of all the primes below two million.

It’s time for prime generation round 2! Our previous method in problem 7 was kinda slow, and can’t make it to 2,000,000. But one simple optimization saves more than half the time. Since no prime factor of a number n can be larger than the quare root of n, once we’ve tried dividing by all primes less than or equal to sqrt(n), we know we have a prime.

require 'generator'
def prime_gen()
	return { |g| 
		primes = []
		n = 2
		while 1 do
			root = Math.sqrt(n).to_i + 1
			prime = true
			for p in primes do
				break if p > root
				if n%p == 0  then
					prime = false
			if prime then
				primes << n 
				g.yield n
			n += 1
g = prime_gen()
n = 0
sum = 0
while n < 2000000 do
	sum += n
	n =
puts sum

This is still a somewhat slow process, but it does get us our answer in a reasonable amount of time. There’s still many more approaches we can try to speed things up though, which we may need to employ for the next big prime generation question.

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